Due to the increasing demand for qualified naval officers on the international shipping market we are in cooperation with first class ship owners looking for candidates interested in studying maritime university. Successful graduates can easy find a job in reputable shipping companies with premium income. To obtain the qualifications of a naval officer the person must graduate a maritime school, pass the qualification exams and get a practical experience at sea on a trainee position. Becouse Czech Republic does not have its own maritime school, we have entered into long term cooperation with the Naval Academy in Szczecin. Studies are conducted in the Polish language. Although there is a school fee, the proposed system combines the contribution from ship owners and self-financing from part of the proceeds obtained during practice at sea, and thus enabling students to graduate without major financial problems. Maritime Academy offers two basic specializations: navigation (Deck Officer) and engineering (Engine Officer). Both specializations can be studied in two modes of university distance learning of 4 years, or full-time on campus attendance of 2.5 years, only for navigation specialization. Prerequisites for admission: - secondary school diploma - good health - being able to communicate in English.
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